New Bo Ky

I don’t know what the story is with New Bo Ky;  the sign is rendered in Vietnamese, but it appears to be owned and staffed by Chinese people.   There is some lively discussion on, but no one is really sure.  Let’s just call the cuisine “regional,” as I believe the menu is southern Chinese, from around the city of Chaozhou.  Lots of meats, including offals, on rice, are offered, as well as a wide variety of noodle soups.  The food can be kind of  “home style” in that way.  One time I felt like ordering a random dish and asked for “Meat Country Style”.  The waiter was aghast: “But this is the face, the skin, the fat of the pig!”  I could hardly back down from that challenge…

But pictured here is number 12:  Chicken with curry, eggplant, potato and thin egg noodles.  It’s one of the Worlds 20 Greatest Things To Eat, and a really good reason to be glad you’re alive. 


Chicken w/curry, eggplant, potato, and thin egg noodles

New Bo Ky
78 Bayard Street, NYC

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